About Saint Ignatius High School

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Saint Ignatius High School is a private school owned by the Society of Jesus in Rwanda. It is located in Kigali, Gasabo district in Kimironko sector.

The school has been lauched in 2012 with the aim of promoting opened high quality education in Rwanda  as catholic school in the Jesuits tradition.

Today the school has Ordinary(O’ Level) and Advanced level(A Level) with science combinations:

1. MCB: Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry

2. MCE: Mathematics, Computer science and Economics

3. MPC: Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science   

Note that the school registers only day-scholars and offer national curriculum provided by Rwanda Education Board (REB).

our mission

Inspired by the intellectual tradition of the society of Jesus, Saint Ignatius High School’s mission is to educate young men and women at secondary level to become morally responsible persons, men and women for others, adults who are able to reflect, discern and decide with reference to the values of Jesus Christ, to act wisely, to work competently in the service of the common good. 

our vision

All who participate in the life of educational community of Saint Ignatius High School must have their eyes fixed to Jesus Christ and looking at Jesus Christ. They must be driven by fundamental values such excellence (Magis), Integrity, Faith that does justice, service and absolute respect.

our motto

Our school motto is “In All Things to Serve”