2020-06-29 21:12:54

Knowing that we are social being meant to live with and for other, we have taken discipline as the core of the education that we instill in every student who passes into our hands. The discipline is the engine which gives meaning to every content which we transmitted to students whom we educate whereby we help them to internalize different values (even those which are considered in the society as small) that will make them good agents of transformation. We are men and women for others. Therefore, we train all young men and women who come to us on how to live with other people around them, how to be truthful and realistic with their actual life and how they must be selective, choosing what is good and rejecting what is the bad.    

We encourage our students to have self respect and the respect of other, to have self esteem, to be compassionate, to be tolerant and prudent in every decision they make in their everyday life. We also training them to love the work and do it effectively and efficiently, having in mind that they must make good use of time as it is limited for everything. With all the above therefore, we believe that any time we send students in the society after their lessons here, we send them as people who will be agents of transformation and who will change the world to the better.

Discipline Master