2020-07-17 09:06:22

Saint Ignatius High School’s environment provides the climate which is conducive for quality learning.  This is given by its good location on a marvelous hill, far from high circulation of vehicles and aircrafts and this allows the access to fresh air from different sides as well as giving minimum disturbance and distractions.

We have the infrastructures that permit us to effectively fulfill our educative mission. These include high standard classrooms which permit good ventilation but at the same time reducing outside noise and disturbance. Our furniture facilitates learners to sit freely and allows them to follow lessons comfortably. We have good and well equipped laboratories and libraries (Analogue and digital) that facilitate our learners and teachers to do qualities research that enriches their knowledge and skills.

Sport is one of the tools that we use to form the character of our students and to help them develop their talents in different sports. Therefore, we have sport grounds for different sports, that is, football, volleyball, basketball, among others, which facilitate our learners to have different sports in order to serve in above end.

Since cleanliness is the core of every activity we do, we encourage our students to make the hygiene a habit in their lives. Hence we have provided enough water facilities and cleaning materials which helps to save to this end.

Being sure of all the above school facilities therefore, we know and believe that all students who attend our school, benefiting the same facilities, enjoy the environment which contribute to their learning and allowing them to achieve educative objective intended from them.