End of Second Term at Saint Ignatius High School

2021-04-06 09:28:33

On April 2,2021, Saint Ignatius High School closed the second term of 2020-2021. The term started after a long period when the schools were closed in response to control the spread of Covid 19 Pandemic in the country. 

The school expressed the admiration of great efforts to a remarkable success used by students and teachers after school's activities resumption regardless of being out of the service for a long while. 

The school rector thanked parents, teachers and students for their contribution and participation in  educational community of Saint Ignatius High School driven by fundamental values of excellence, integrity and faith and recommended to be continued.

In the end each and every one were cautioned of the Covid-19  still around and be reminded to respect all preventive measures by the government after the declaration of the outbreak since the first case on 14 March 2020. 


Saint Ignatius High school reopens its doors amidst Coronavirus

2020-11-02 11:10:30

On March 16, 2020, all schools abruptly closed their doors in response to the Rwandan government’s measures to control the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Saint Ignatius High School (SIHS), our beloved family, was not spared. So, Coronavirus sacked us all without even warning us! Besides, we never expected it to last for so long! We hoped to come back to school sooner. Alas, our hope slowly faded as we learnt about its evolution in the country and across the world. As time moved on, it became even harsh, unpredictable, and thus difficult to overcome completely. This led governments to learn how to handle it without jeopardizing some basic and development activities, such as economic activities and education.

Luckily, the Rwandan government embraced the same line of thinking; that is how it came to decide that schools should resume gradually. Accordingly, the Rwanda Ministry of Education published a new school calendar on 13 October 2020, which indicated how the school resumption should proceed. Classes of Primary 5, 6; Senior3, S5 & S6 were set to resume on November 2, 2020 while P4; S1, S2 and S4 were scheduled on November 23, 2020, countrywide. Thank God, SIHS was not left behind with its S3, S5 & S6. For some school administrators, teachers, students, supporting staff and parents, this already reinvigorated our hope. Instead, others somewhat took this as a dream, given that the pandemic is not yet completely eradicated in the country, and still devouring people’s lives in many parts of the world.  Then, we all had to wait for the date to see how this apparent dream comes true.

Eventually, Monday, November 2, 2020, saw the due schools reopening their doors. We cannot tell how this experience exactly was nationwide, but we at least witnessed the experience of SIHS: First, in preparation for this resumption, so many activities had to be done and approved by competent authorities as instructed by the Rwanda Ministry of Health. A taskforce was established and trained to help everyone pursue the required measures. This was comprised of a group of people in charge of checking the body temperature and orienting everyone towards the washing spot. A special sink with soap containers was set up to ease the handwashing. Social distancing marks were spread all over the school premises. Many other materials like thermometers and hand sanitizers were availed in rooms. Second, the school assembly, sports and other extracurricular activities were canceled. So were the 10.15-10.45am and 15.30-15.50pm breaks.

Before anyone could enter the school, they had to be checked if their facemask is worn properly so that they can go through all the other measures, guided by the school taskforce. Likewise, we were reminded that some greeting gestures like hugging are strictly prohibited despite the nostalgia accumulated in the last eight months. Being the first experience in the history of school life, it was a bit strange! But, anyway, we all managed to cope well with it. In fact, the first impression was so positive and encouraging for every member of the school. It was an occasion to be reunited as a family. As everyone entered the school, they displayed joy and hope on their face. We all came with a laudable determination to carry on the journey we had started and to do the best we could in an effort to prompt our personal and communal growth. Hence, we believe our beloved family-school will continue to flourish.

Obviously, Coronavirus has taught us a lesson to be vigilant in life because we do not know what awaits us! It has clarified Jesus’ recommendation when he says, “… you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him” (Mt 24: 44).Our hope is that this lesson is not taken for granted. Rather, we change our mentality to lead our lives in a viable manner from now onwards.

We hope and pray that everything will continue to run smoothly both at SIHS and across the country so that we continue the journey we just resumed till the end of the school year. We pray that the Lord may stop this Pandemic as soon as possible so that it does not take us back again. We also ask Him to give each and every member of SIHS good health, courage, strength and all the graces they need to play their role for SIHS to blossom now and forever.  May He help us to always strive to fulfil our motto: ‘In all things to serve”, AMDG!