2020-07-30 13:57:21

The mission of our school is to form men and women who are good citizens and are ready with dedication to serve others in all things. To realize this therefore, we educate in line with the national program and objectives. We have the two circles of secondary school as set by the government.  That is, we have:

O’LEVEL: from Senior One to Senior Three

A’LEVEL:  from Senior Four to Senior Six in  three options:

1.     Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology  (MCB)

2.     Mathematics , Computer Science and Economics ( MCE)

3.     Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science (MPC).

We care for each and every student in his/her capacities and we give chance and advice every one of those who want to study in A ‘Level to choose the option according to his/her future orientation but also his/her ability.